News » Artistic Director, Peter Manning, reflects on BFO’s first live performance 

28 January 2021

According to Ludwig Van Beethoven, music is “the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life”. Bath Festival Orchestra’s wonderful performance of his septet, at the Bath Assembly rooms in December, reminded our audience and the community of music lovers  that we have been missing a great deal during the absence of truly live experiences over the past few months.

The energy and thrill of being at this live event, after little access to live performances, was simply overwhelming. It was a wonderful day of encouragement!

As Artistic Director, I am so proud of all our musicians in the BFO and the wonderful supporters that continue to help us present our orchestra and it’s music of energy and opportunity for a new generation.

The event highlighted the reasons why the world listens to music, whether it be from the genius of Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Charlie Parker, The White Stripes, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa or in this case the glories of the musical visionary Ludwig Van Beethoven…

We can’t wait to share, develop and roll-out our events and full performance programme with you in the coming months.