At the BFO’s core are 7 young artists with far-reaching ambition. For these versatile musicians performing classical music at the very highest level is not simply an end in itself, it is a means to a range of ends. The members of the BFO want to talk about and share music, arts, ideas, humour, and so much more. Our audience is part of the BFO family!



The BFO and diversity

The subject of diversity in the Western classical music sphere has become increasingly significant to orchestras. The cliché of largely white groups performing classical music onstage is bothersome to many, and for the BFO it raises the question: “How can a young, upcoming orchestra confront the deep-seated prejudices of our cultural society?”

The BFO is committed to using online platforms to achieve its numerous goals. Home to a generation of young musicians who value inclusivity, and formed by a core group of leaders passionate about diversity in their world, the BFO uses the wider scope of the internet to reach new audiences in overlooked urban communities, and aims to extend opportunities to exceptional young talent otherwise outside the sphere of a musical education at the highest level. With the aim of fostering diversity and inclusivity, in other words, the BFO broadens its search pool rather than narrowing its focus.

Thanks to our innovative framework, the process of welcoming new talent to the BFO family through anonymous, screened auditions is not and does not need to be based on blind quotas. Our aim is to create space for the values that matter to all of us — musicianship, sharing a connection with listeners — and we have the ambition to be part of a legacy that extends beyond one orchestra, or indeed, beyond a single generation.