News » BFO Launch at the Guildhall, Bath

16 September 2020

BFO Launch at the Guildhall, Bath Bath Festival Orchestra directed by Maren Bosma

We have all come through this together . . . and now the Bath Festival Orchestra can announce its artist line up for this our first performance at The Bath Festival’s opening weekend in November.

We have wonderful musicians for this 70-minute show at the Guildhall, our prelude launch of the Bath Festival Orchestra on 28 November 2020.

The principals of the BFO will perform in the company of the BBC Click team and the award-winning team at Foreign Body Filmmakers, whose short film was commissioned to introduce the BFO and will be screened at the event.

Our programme will include the wonderful music of the Beethoven Septet, one of Schubert’s string trios, a trio for horn by Anton Reicha, and the gig that Morton Gould wrote for his friend, Benny Goodman. Maren Bosma, the BFO’s Leader and Creative Artist will direct.

This is the most thrilling moment and we can’t wait to introduce our music and to meet you, our audience.

— Peter Manning