BFO at St Mary le Strand

30 March 2022

Concert Date

30 March 2022 - 1:00 pm

Running time: approximately 45 mins

This month, on Wednesday 30th March, we’re looking forward to hearing the wonderful Fionnaula Ward play a selection of solo piano pieces including Sibelius, Impromptu Op 5 No 5, Debussy, Nocturne and Fields, Nocturne No 9 in E minor.

As part of our ongoing work with the Bobby Moore Academy in Stratford, we’re delighted to give Shahjahon Saidmurodov, one of the school’s talented students an opportunity to perform in public with the BFO. Shahjahon will be performing one of his own compositions, Prelude in A major.

The concert begins at 1pm on Wednesday 30th March and lasts for approximately 45 minutes. There is no admission cost and a voluntary retiring collection is taken.

Do please come and make this concert part of your restful lunchtime break !

  • Sibelius
  • Impromptu Op 5 No 5
  • Debussy
  • Nocturne and Fields
  • Nocturne No 9 in E minor
  • Fionnuala Ward
  • Shahjahon Saidmurodov

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