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We are an inclusive orchestra with a truly regenerating and energetic social purpose.

What does that mean? It means all ages, all backgrounds, all people. It means everyone sharing and developing a vision for music and musicians, coming together as part of a revitalising spirit today that will ensure future legacy.

We do need fine music. Live performance and music seed the notes for our musical future. This is our great hope and our stated aim.

Music is the flow of all possible positive energy and your support will help us keep those channels open for the fundamental benefit of all. We cannot do it without you.

The first new orchestra to launch after the COVID pandemic, the BFO will harness the latest digital technologies to engage those young people classical music has traditionally eluded.

Individual donations

We aspire to bring you the best in everything we do: exceptional, forward-thinking players delivering captivating repertoire with the most exciting soloists and creators. To do this we rely on the generosity and support of our donors.

In light of COVID 19, your donations are important now more than ever, where many months of ticket revenue have been lost and we are finding new ways alongside more traditional means of scheduling projects that we are all greatly anticipating. You can donate here.

If you are interested in an orchestra that uses music to communicate at a human level, that does things differently as a group and that also makes bold choices around a revitalised approach to music making, then we would welcome you to our new, extended arts company.

We are ready to explore how you might like to be involved and help us to achieve our programme. . . we are ready to talk with you.

Legacy giving

Monuments to our shared culture . . . music is a synonym for opportunity for our present and future generations. How do we want the music, the arts, and our world to look?

Have you ever wondered how you can make a lasting impact on the future of the BFO?

Gifts in Celebration

A gift in celebration can be a fitting way to remember a loved one through the wonder and pleasure that is classical music. Gifts can be made to The BFO Charity and can be acknowledged within the Patron, Chair, Endowment and Scholarship schemes.

Gifts in wills

Gifts in wills provide a vital source of income to the BFO and are tax efficient.

Corporate sponsorship

The support from the business community is vital in continuing the work of the BFO both on and off the stage.

The BFO vision and its Artistic Director create with its sponsors unique and bespoke partnerships within context-based philanthropy allowing companies to support all areas of the BFO work as we grow, meeting joint, key business objectives to fulfil vital social and business philanthropy strategies.

For a discussion of how your company can benefit from an association with the BFO, please contact us.